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100 Days of Lumière

In January of 2021, right after our time in quarantine, I signed up for Caro Cuinet Wellings' Creativity, Light and Visual identity workshop after meeting her in 2020! Best thing I've ever done! She challenges us every year in her 100 days of Lumière to "see the light". Observing light, shooting it, using it! I was scared of direct light for a long time and wanted that "soft, golden light" like so many photographers. I was afraid of shadows and that harsh direct light... until I started this challenge! We can find light EVERYWHERE! I mean darkness is just the absence of light right? Every day, our challenge was photographing light. Easy right? WRONG! From overthinking things to thinking that what I was doing wasn't good enough, it's enough to make a photographer go crazy! But it's sooooooo rewarding! Without light, none of these pictures would see the day (or night :))

I definitely invite you to go see her work also on her website or on instagram. And try this challenge out yourself! Any camera works (some of my pictures were taken with my iPhone... can you tell which ones?), you just need to bring your imagination and your eye to the challenge! Let me know what you think!


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