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Melissa Fabri Photography capturing couple throughout

What makes me “click”?

I've always been a sucker for pictures. I always had a camera in hand and loved taking pictures of friends. My room was an enormous collage of pictures and my bookshelves still today are filled with family albums and pictures that date far before my birthdate. These pictures are all that link us to our past. Our memories and our lives on paper.

I started really getting into photography after my children were born and ended up starting my business in 2013 in France. Ever since I've been telling families their stories and loving every minute of it!

I love the fact that every time I take a picture, I capture moments that will last a lifetime. Time is one of those things we can't control or ever get back. That’s probably my favorite part of what I do… freezing time!

My Family

I have an amazing Husband Julien who supports me and my craziness 24/7 and pushes me into my creativity. We have two amazing kiddos, Amelia, born in 2010 and Lucas in 2011. Needless to say we are jumping into the pre-teen attitudes and everything that goes along with it.

I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten in the blink of an eye! They remind me everyday how important it is to do what I do. Even if I have all of our memories in the back of my mind, being able to go back and see pictures of them and those sweet faces (the good part with pictures is that there isn’t any sound, so we only have those amazing pearly whites showing) is absolutely priceless!

Don’t get me wrong… I also have those “ugh mom… stop taking pictures of me” pictures… but totally worth it also. After all, life isn’t perfect and thank goodness it isn’t! That wouldn’t be any fun right?

It became clear to me at one point that I was always documenting other families but never my own… crazy right? Well, that may be one good thing that COVID brought to our home. We were quarantined in France and I spent 2 months locked away with my kids in a town house in the south of France.


I started a daily journal to keep some good parts of all of us together… it felt soooo good! And then in 2021 I met an amazing photographer who started the 100 days of Lumière, a daily photo challenge for photographers (both pro and amateur). I even hosted the Collective narraters de vie on instagram for a week to help photographers see from another angle and point of view. It was an amazing experience!


Every year Caro guides us in a new challenge and for 100 days (even if we don’t finish) we take one picture with light as it’s subject. It’s an amazing way for us as photographers to see things just a little differently and get carried away with our creativity. I’ll try and keep you posted on my 100 days of lumière when the next one comes around. Until then, here is a sneak peek into my little personal world.

Sooooooo, I majored in Communications specializing in image analysis at Avignon University in France.  Not knowing at all at that point that I wanted to be a photographer. I am self taught but well surrounded.


When I started I had the support of my clients and a couple friend photographers (Jessica Liane who is an Orlando based photographer and Michelle Morris) but mainly tried to figure it out alone. In 2019 I started workshops in Family, wedding and portrait photography with the Groovy Photographer Bootcamp and met a family of french photographers that have become great friends today (L'instant par Phé, Jean Coubard, Hélène Vauché, Claire and Stephane, Thia Photographe, Gardères et Dohmen, Caro Cuinet Wellings, AMA Conseils, Océane Dussauge, Séverine Reynaud, Benjamin Brette, Olivier Bolte (who took our family pics!) just to name a few...).


I am surrounded by photographers who inspire and motivate me everyday! I also got a chance to meet and spend a week with the amazing duo Erika and Lanny Mann at a workshop in the southwest of France. As photographers, we learn from each other and grow to create even more amazing images for our clients. It's sooooo important to be surrounded by these amazing people. 


Wanna book ? It's this way

hey, I'm Melissa!

Simply put, I'm a Florida-born Frenchy. Born in Miami and raised in Orlando, my mother is French and my father is Belgian. I'm fluent in both English and French and enjoy the best of both cultures!

After growing up in Orlando, I traveled to France for a 3-month trip only to meet and fall in love with a dashing Frenchman named Julien (and the southern Provence landscape, but mostly Julien). Needless to say, I ended up staying 17 years in a charming town called Chateaurenard, getting married and welcoming two beautiful children, Amelia and Lucas, and a spirited Jack Russell terrier named Rocco.

In 2021, we decided to relocate to the U.S. and enjoy the Florida sunshine as a Franco-American family.


Melissa Fabri Orlando family photographer
Melissa Fabri Photography Lifestyle family photographer in orlando fl

I'm your friendly neighborhood visual storyteller

and freezing time is my superpower

Fun facts about me!

  1. I hate mornings

  2. I love me a Starbucks coffee (or any latte in general)

  3. I lived 17 years of my life in Orlando and 17 years in France

  4. I am a Ranidaphobic (fear of frogs)

  5. I will sign up at the gym and then never go (yeah, best customer ever!)

  6. i'm a dr. phillips graduate... class of 99!

  7. die hard animal lover

  8. i love clothes but hate shopping

  9. i may be in my 40's but totally feel like i'm still in my 20's!

  10. i am incapabable of drinking from a glass without my pinkie sticking straight up! So bougie, i know!


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let's make our friendship official

Ready for me to brag a bit?









(but shrinking every year!)



Melissa Fabri Photography couple shoot in urban setting
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