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Intimate at home with baby photography near me
Tender in nursery with newborn picture ideas
Joyful family moment with lifestyle newborn photography

Orlando's Premier Newborn Photographer

Dive into the heart of lifestyle newborn photography, capturing every coo and cuddle in the most natural setting: your own home and turning your living room into the backdrop of your family's story. This is more than just snapping newborn pictures, it's about creating  experiences where each click captures not just a pose, but a story, not just a smile, but a feeling.

What sets me apart

My passion for natural light and real life and unscripted moments is matched only by my dedication to making each newborn session uniquely yours. My lens is focused on the beauty of your real story as we welcome your newborn baby in the comfort of your home. I love finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, capturing every moment and detail that is unique to you and your little family.

Portrait Melissa Fabri Lifestyle Newborn photographer in Orlando



- Full Session : 60 min

- 70+ high-resolution edited images

- Greater Orlando area

- In-home

- Individual Family

- Online gallery available 1 yr

- Print Release

Invest in Timeless Newborn Moments

Make an investment that grows with each passing year. My newborn photography package is tailored to celebrate the start of your journey, capturing the pure unscripted joy of new life. With a focus on lifestyle and at-home sessions, I ensure every smile and super cute baby yawn is preserved in its truest form.

* Prices listed are starting rates and may vary based on specific session details and additional options.

Bundle of Joy

Embrace the full circle of this journey to parenthood with the "Bundle of Joy" offer. When you book both a full maternity and newborn photography session together, you not only get the whole story of this beautiful transition but also enjoy a $100 discount as my gift to you. If it is not too late for maternity photos this bundle is your ticket from baby bump to baby burps.

Picture of Smiley family with siblings and dogs for maternity and newborn photographer
Snuggling pregnant mom siblings and dad Outdoor for maternity and newborn photography session
Baby wrapped on bed with lifestyle maternity and newborn photographer near me
Lifestyle maternity and newborn photograpy in Orlando Couplep in park
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Candid at home with infant photoshoot
Tender in nursery with newborn photographer
Candid family moment with newborn and pet pictures

We cannot recommend Melissa enough. She went above and beyond to meet with us due to some unforeseen circumstances. Even though we were stressed, she made us at ease. More importantly she captured our family beautifully. Her candid style of photography will be a snapshot in time we will cherish forever. Each photo she shared melted our hearts. We were so excited to send out our birth announcements highlighting her work. We certainly hope to work with her for years to come!

Jenna P.


Intimate at home with newborn photoshoot near me
Tender parent with infant and dog photoshoot
Intimate family moment with newborn family photos

Melissa was fabulous to work with on our newborn photos! She was very kind, flexible, and had great vision for our photos. The gallery turned out amazing and she turned it around very quickly. We will definitely be working with Melissa again!

Nina H.


Candid siblings with newborn photo
Tender parent embrace with infant photoshoot
Beach family moment with newborn photoshoot

Melissa did both my son’s newborn and six month photos. She showed up so bubbly, kind and professional. She was so patient and sweet with my boys. She made us all feel super comfortable. She has a natural artistic eye for those unique, candid shots. The end results were stunning! I will treasure these moments and pictures forever! I’m so thankful!!

Emily N.


Hey guys! 

So excited you are here and checking out my work!

Ever wondered how I see the world through my lens? Dive into my portfolio and take a little peek into the memories I've been lucky enough to capture. If you feel like we're on the same page, give me a shout! Excited to be a part of your story.

Mom soft kiss morinin newborn pic
Parents newborn kiss in home photo
Serene newborn natural light photography
Parents in nursery with baby photography near me
black and white joyful family with newborn and dog image
Newborn baby photo soft blanket dream
Snuggle time newborn mother photoshoot
wrapping newborn photography natural light Orlando photography
Quietude dreamy wrapped newborn lifestyle photo shoot
Newborn with dad photography in Orlando
Siblings with newborn lifestyle photos
Gaze newborn photography in orlando
Natural light Sleeping newborn photography near me
Joyful Family pics with newborn and dog on bed
Peaceful resting newborn at home lifestyle photoshoot
Yawning newborn with family and dog photos at home
Yawning Newborn pics with dad in home
Candid in nursery parents with newborn photographer in Orlando
Lifestyle infant photography with parents in home
baby photography relaxed gazing in home
Lifestyle baby picture with family in nursery
Baby with mom portraits at home natural light
Infant photoshoot gentle sleep in home Orlando
Lifestyle Dad kissing baby photography near me
lifestyle infant photography in bed with dog
In home infant photoshoot with parents hugging in orlando
Smiley baby black and white family pictures by lifestyle photographer
Lifestyle baby photography mom holding baby rainbow

Why not make your Orlando home the setting for a newborn photoshoot that's as unique as your family? Just snuggling with mom, dad and other brothers and sisters or getting those wet kisses from your fur babies, my in home lifestyle sessions capture your genuine story in this tiny moment in time and tiny details in between, turning fleeting moments into forever memories.

It's this way

What is lifestyle newborn photography

Unlike traditional posed sessions, lifestyle newborn photography captures your baby and family in natural, candid moments within your own home, highlighting genuine emotions makes your session truly unique. This style tells a more personal story, making each photo genuinely personal to you.

How can I find reputable newborn photographers near me?

To find a newborn photographer that suits your style, and does in home newborn photography, start with a local online search, review portfolios, and read testimonials. Look for someone who specializes in the lifestyle approach and is a style that you love to ensure they capture the natural essence of your family. 

What makes newborn photos so special?

Newborn photos capture the fleeting moments of your first days together as a family. Life goes by so fast but having your pictures taken freezes this moment in time. The lifestyle approach makes this session unique to you by incorporating the family and home environment, making these photos cherished family treasures.

What if my home isn't perfect for a newborn photography session?

Your home is you and in turn perfect for your session. I understand if you would feel more comfortable elsewhere. I can give you options for a natural light studio in the Orlando area that has a homey feel to get those done.

When is the ideal time for a newborn photography session?

Every photographer will have their own answer. For me, it's whenever you feel most comfortable. Within the first two weeks after birth we'll be able to capture baby's tiniest and sleepy moments. Waiting a little bit allows us to get some personality in those pictures and makes it a baby session. Everyone has their ideal time. That time is perfect for me!

What attire is recommended for A lifestyle newborn session?

For lifestyle photoshoots, dress your baby in simple, comfortable clothes. Soft, neutral colors work best but if you're not sure, plan on a couple different outfits and we'll talk about it together. Multiple outfits could come in handy in case of any accidents along the way.

How to choose my newborn photographer?

Look for a newborn photographer with a portfolio that resonates with you! Talk with them and make sure they have experience with lifestyle sessions and read reviews to gauge their professionalism and how they work with clients. Get to know your photographer and make sure that personalities also fit with yours. Having a newborn can be stressful and knowing that you feel comfortable with the photographer in your home is essential.

Can siblings and pets be included in the newborn session?

Absolutely! Including big brothers/sisters and pets in your newborn session adds to the storytelling, capturing connection and genuine moments all together! Siblings and pets add to the fun of the session, making everything unscripted.

What is the typical duration of a lifestyle newborn PHOTOSHOOT?

A lifestyle newborn session usually lasts between 1-2 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding, comforting, and capturing a variety of candid moments without feeling rushed.

How should I prepare for a lifestyle newborn photography session?

Make sure everyone is well rested (or as rested as you can be). I usually ask that baby be fed right before I get there for them to be nice and milk drink. I like to roam around the house with you and although I don't ask for the house to be perfectly put together, try and get any items you don't want appearing in your photos. Prepare a couple simple outfits and personal items ready for baby in case of an emergency change. 

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