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The Big Reveal

The wait was unbearable! I know! But I promise it was worth the wait!

Once your gallery is ready, I’ll text you to set up a date when you are all available together. You know, when one isn’t at soccer practice and another at dance… I know it’s hard but we’ll make it work. Once we have that date set up, I’ll send you a link to your family slideshow to watch all together on the biggest big screen you can find!

A link will be sent after to your email with the full gallery and the download link for you high resolution images. If you want to order beautifully designed prints or albums you can order them directly in your private gallery or see with me about ordering. I can help you through it all.

and finally... drumroll please

Do Not Disturb

After the session is editing time! This is probably the longest part of the entire process (especially for you!). I know the wait is excruciating but know that I am taking time to make sure your gallery is the best of the best it can be.


I do simple editing; I cull (process of selection) through the images and select the best of the best to tell your story, then edit the selected images by correcting light, contrast, color and crop. I do not do Photoshop. Sorry! I will however get rid of temporary bumps, bruises, scratches or other booboos!

I try and get your gallery out to you within 15 days of our session.

The Session

Dad’s worst nightmare, a mom’s favorite day of the year! The outfits are chosen, location set, it’s time to meet up and get things done! You’ll see that it’s not as difficult as you think! We’ll chat a little, laugh a lot and I’ll be shooting through it all.


Just let go and have fun with your kiddos and do not worry about that husband of yours sighing in the background. He is going to end up loving it. I promise!


For the ones who jump for love

pssst... keep scrolling - there's more!

The "In Between"

Yeah sounds like something out of Stranger Things but it’s just that time between the booking and the time of your session. You will probably still have a ton of questions or concerns, especially if you are here on vacation. NO WORRIES! I am here to help.


You can shoot me an email or text about any question you may have. It’s a lot to take in for some; outfit selection, location choice, crazy kid advice… not sure I can do anything about that one but comfort you in knowing that you are not alone!

Request your booking

Let’s face it, it’s sooooooo much easier to be able to book whenever you want. If you are like me, I remember that I have to book something at midnight.


With the online contact page you can request your booking or ask me questions whenever you want! We'll work the time and location out together once your request is done (just note that booking a photoshoot is 15 days ahead of time and up to 3 months in advance). I'll then send you the proposal with my collections and add on's for you to choose. Presto-Booko!

Getting to know each other

When you’ve decided that I am the photographer for you, or if you need to be sure, we will take time to get to know each other through a zoom call, a phone call or coffee together at a local coffee shop. Whether you want family, newborn or maternity, know that your family portraits are important and getting to know how you work as a family or a couple helps me get a vibe of what we’ll do in your shoot.


If you decide not to do the video call and jump straight to coffee, we’ll still have a chance to chat before your session. This step is super duper important for us to get to know each other and for me to get a feel of what you want out of your session.



Contrary to popular belief, photographers do more than just snap pictures!

Wanna book ? It's this way

Welcome to the Family

You will be a part of the MFP family and will be able to book mini sessions, senior portraits and other deals that I will offer during the year. If you recommend your friends they will also be able to book minis and senior portraits.

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