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Prints and Products

We live in a time where our family pictures have gone pretty much 100% digital. We take out our phone to show all of our most recent pictures of our growing babies or our latest vacation. Miss those days where we would sit and look at albums? I do! So although you have access to your high resolution images, wouldn't it be nice to see your images in your home?


I work with great professional labs to get your images from your computer and into your home and on your walls. I can absolutely help guide you in your choice of prints, albums or wall decor!

aka the really cute stuff!

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” – Andy Warhol

Indoor Session

Outdoor Session

Events or other FUN STUFF

I can do destinations, baptisms, parties, and more. Scroll through some of my previous events below!

  • What is Lifestyle photography?
    Visual Storytelling! I want to capture authentic moments, real-life situations with the pictures I take. Yes, you will have some great family shots where everyone is looking at the camera, but you will also have amazing shots of situations that didn't go to plan! That's what I love! That's what I aim for! I look for emotion, the feelings that you share with the world when you look at each other or hold each other! So let go of that ideal of perfection and just be you! It's the best you there is!
  • Where do the sessions take place?
    Wherever you want! I can shoot in the comfort of your own home, outdoors in a park, downtown... My session fee covers the orlando area, but if you need me to go further no problem! Just reach out to me so we can set that up. There is a small fee for the extra miles :)
  • Do you shoot weddings ?
    I did! 8 years of wonderful weddings. I met a ton of amazing people and partied it up with the bridal parties, but now I'm dedicated to my families and their ongoing stories. That being said, I do still do destination weddings and small intimate gatherings. Reach out to me and tell me your story to see if we can make things work!
  • If we take pictures at home how clean does it need to be?
    This is real life people! Not a Martha Stewart Magazine! I know we always want our house to look like a model home, but let's face it... with kids in the mix, that's nearly impossible! Just try and get anything you wouldn't want in your pictures out of sight... dirty (or clean) laundry, random clutter, nightstands cleared of tissues and/or bottles.... For the rest, these are real life pictures, your life. So don't get all stressed out and go on a cleaning frenzy! You'll be just fine!
  • How do I find the best photographer near me?
    Well, finding that "best" photographer is completely subjective. It's completely different for each family... and the possibilities are endless. There are multiple things to consider before making your choice. While pricing often plays an important role in the decision process, it shouldn't be the only factor in choosing your "best" family photographer. - First, know what style you are looking for. Explore photographer's websites and Instagrams to get a feel for what you love! - Determine your budget! Although well establised family photographers will all be around the same price, some are just getting started and offer sessions for a lot less to build their portfolio. If you are on a budget, there are those options for you. Check to see what each photographer includes in their packages (limited or unlimited digital) to get a better idea of what it will cost you and compare to what you are willing to spend for your photoshoot. - Know what you are getting! Instagram will show you a couple of pictures from a session (probably the best ones), ask to see a full gallery to determine if what they offer is what you are - looking for (emotion, editing style, light..) - Talk to the photographer and ask questions to see if they are a good fit for you!
  • Where do you usually shoot your sessions?
    Depending on what collection you choose or decide to add on... anywhere! My collection 1 is for the Winter Garden / Windermere area whereas my collection 2 is for the greater Orlando area (Celebration, Clermont, Winter Park, Orlando). I have a Location add-on also that let's you be a little more free in the choice of your location. So if you want a beach session at Cocoa Beach, that is totally possible also.
  • Do you have a favorite location?
    I love discovering new areas for each session, but I have come across a couple of great locations for my outdoor family photoshoots! Celebration has a mix of locations all close together. We can get that town/city vibe but then find a little square lined with beautiful trees to capture a beautiful family session. Winter Garden is an amazing Urban feel for those families who don't want to trek through the florida nature! It's a great option also for mid-day shoots because we get some shade from the buildings. Clermont: home to Lake Louisa State park has beautiful fields, nature trails and a beach that allows for a couple different looks in one area. This place is super popular among family photographers so don't be surprised to see other photographers at the same time :) Winter Park also has that urban feel all while keeping nature a big part of the scenery. There are different parks around Winter Park and downtown that are also great for photoshoots (Leu Gardens... $15 entrance fee, Mead Gardens, Azalea Park, Baldwin Park, Rollins College... the choices are endless) Winderemere and it's oak trees and neverending lakes with that small town feel is just super beautiful as well. Perfect for those half sessions, we'll find a perfectly beautiful spot for your family photos There are choices also for indoor shoots. First and foremost, your home! A great place for everyone to feel comfortable and capture your family just the way you are. Other indoor options are natural light studios like the Brand Studio in Longwood. There is a fee to rent out the studio but it is a great option for small families and newborn sessions.

For the ones who love TO SMILE


which do you prefer?

Investing in Memories

A photo session is more than just about getting professional family photos. It's an experience. One that you'll want to do again and again! You are investing in beautiful memories that will stay with you for a lifetime You can ask a friend to take a couple of pictures, and I highly recommend you do, often! But there are also those times that you want quality professional images that you can use as gifts, Christmas cards or home decor. My goal is to make you comfortable in front of my camera, capturing emotions and the true essence of your family.


this is what you get!

- Half Session : 30 min

- 30 high-resolution edited images

- Windermere,  Horizon West,  Winter Garden area

- Outdoor or Resort Location

- Individual Family

- Online gallery available 3 months

- Print Release


Collection 1

- Full Session : 60 min

- 70+ high-resolution edited images

- Greater Orlando area

- In-home, Outdoor or Resort Location

- Individual Family

- Online gallery available 1 yr

- Print Release


Collection 2


All of my sessions also include a free consultation and personalized reveal. After choosing your collection, we'll talk about details to get your session and your family ready for the magic. 

Bundle OF JOY

Looking to capture more than just your pregnancy or just the newborn session. Bundle them together to make it more attractive. 


Getting the entire gang together for a special occasion? I've got you covered. We'll add them to your collection. 

Destination Far Far away

Outside of the greater Orlando area and beyond! I'm here for you. I love to travel so let's plan this out together. 

RENT the runway

Wanna book a special place like Disney World or Universal Studios, boat, hotel... I go where you go. Let me know your plans.

surf around town

You don't want to be stuck to a single location? We can scout around and move the party elsewhere. 

Let's go crazy

The collections just don't cut it and you want a 100% tailor made experience. Let's make your dream come true.


I know not every family has the same expectations for their photos. I'm here to make your experience as personalized as possible. So, here are some options to help make your experience the best for your family.

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