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Capturing your family moments on your Orlando Vacation

I am so lucky to live near the happiest place on earth! I get to see families on their vacations, soaking it all in and making the most out of life!

Ok, I know that vacationing with kids, especially at Disney is no stroll in the park, but when your biggest issue is, what ride should we fast pass today, I'd say vacation has started!

I've had families contact me because in everyday life, they don't have the time to get their family pictures done. Between work, school and after school activities (I won''t even mention the laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning, dog walking....) life is just too overwhelming to think about getting the family ready for pictures! So while planning their vacation, they simply allot a little bit of time in their busy schedule to capture their their time together!

So where do we go to take your family vacation pictures in Orlando ? Here are some ideas...

Your airbnb or Holiday rental

This extended family photography session was supposed to be done at Disney's Swan and Dolphin, but because of bad weather and a crazy cold front, we all decided to go to their resort. With the family scattered all over the country, this vacation for them was a hub for them to all come together and it turned out so great!

Disney's Yacht and Beach Club

This is another great vacationers paradise! The Sandler family contacted me for a casual early morning family photoshoot at their resort. It was so carefree and fun running after these two beauties through some Florida sand. I hope these memories will stay with them forever!

Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Loved getting to know this family down from Pennsylvania right after Christmas. Rachel is also a photographer and can easily take her own family's vacation pictures, but it's just no fun when you can't partake in the fun. So, this time, she gets to be in the pictures as well!! We just strolled around the boardwalk and got some great family pictures for them to take home! This is a vacation spot they come back to often, so getting these memories captured is something they'll look back on forever!

With the plethora of amazing resorts Orlando has to offer, your location for a family session on vacation is already settled! All we need to do is find that right time for you and book the session! So find that perfect resort for you and your family and let's do this!

Happy New year everyone!!




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