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#100daysoflumiere challenge 2023

The #100daysoflumiere (100 days of light) is almost here... only a week away for the 2023 challenge and this year, HUGE novelty... the challenge is going internationally! Caro Cuinet Wellings started this photography challenge for herself in 2016 but then fireballed into a huge challenge for french photographers. 2023 marking the year that the challenge went for an international reputation.

I met Caro in 2020 during a workshop in the south of France and totally fell in love with her work and her vision of photography and LIGHT! I ended up going to her workshop in 2021 and started the challenge that year. It totally challenged the way I would see the world through my lens and how to use the light that is always present and using it different ways... just becoming more creative in my work.

It started out as a personal challenge but has helped my work grow and I know that my photography is better for it now. I am able to challenge myself even during my family sessions and boudoir portraits. I am no longer afraid of that harsh light that so many photographers avoid! We are always in the search of that golden hour, but life gives us soooooo many other moments to capture those perfect photos.

In 2022 right before leaving my little town in France, Caro came and met me for a girls lunch where we got to talking. I absolutely wanted to get this challenge out to the world seeing as how it helped me grow so much. I wanted to share this with as many photographers or people looking to get into photography as possible. So that's what we did! When I got to Orlando I started sharing about the challenge and it worked! We've got a little group of International (from outside of France) Photographers that have joined the challenge. So be on the lookout for that hashtag and beautiful images on your social media.

And if ever you want to know more or sign up (this is totally free btw) for your challenge here's the link: and join the FB group:

We'd love to have you Light seekers!

Follow my #100daysoflumiere challenge on IG: @melissafabriphotography


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