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Besties and Hot Chocolate

After announcing our move to the states to our 12 year old daughter Amelia, I felt it necessary to do a photoshoot of her and two of her besties Louise and Léa (major plus... us moms are all great friends too!). Louise and Amelia have been friends and joined at the hip from the moment they met at the age of 3! Their relationship went passed the point of best friends and directly to cousins. Although they have TONS of pictures together, I felt that they needed a moment together to laugh and just let loose. We lived in the center of our little town of Chateaurenard and the girls loved going into town together to go to the movies, the café down the street and our favorite restaurant Camille en Provence (if ever you make it to Provence, it's a go-to for sure!). We had an amazing time capturing a couple pictures as we strolled around town last December. Each one got an album that they can look back on to remember these amazing moments of friendship that will last a lifetime!


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