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Confinement Journal

I don't know about Florida, but in France, the confinement was REAL! We were ordered to stay inside our homes and could only leave with a "permission slip" and only for an hour a day! The first couple days were great.... forced vacation right? Yeah that lasted about 5 hours before the cabin fever hit! We ended up being confined (more like lock-down) for 2 months! As a photographer, it was hard not being able to work with my families, especially my mom's to be and the newborn quarantine babies!

I tried finding the good through these tough times and decided to document my family and keep a memory of what we lived through. Looking back, these were actually amazing moments spent with my kiddos (my husband was an essential and was at work for crazy hours!). Dance parties, science experiments, homework... just being together. Back to basics and quality family time were the highlights of this dark time.

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